What is MoneyByte?

MoneyByte is digital money.
A digital currency that enables anyone, anywhere in the world to make quick, easy and cheap payments at any time without going through a central authority.

How does it work?

MoneyByte digital currency
runs on its own blockchain.
This blockchain is secured
by strong cryptography.!

Why MoneyByte?

Digital money is better than cash.
MoneyByte is instant, global and easy to use!
With MoneyByte everyone, everywhere
has the possibility to pay.

What more?

With our own financial investment tools
we have multiple financial options
for all types of investors.
Hedging, betting or just invest in a product.

Our vision and our mission

We see our current monetary system malfunctioning.
Our vision is that digital money, will fill the gap that is created by the malfunctioning of the current monetary system.


Our mission is to let MoneyBytes jump into that gap.
We have two main goals within this mission:
1. Position MoneyByte as a widely used digital payment method
2. Position MoneyByte as a digital investment vehicle


MoneyByte uses blockchain technology to keep its infrastructure running. All transactions, funds etc are for always recorded on the blockchain. Not hackable, 100% secure and instant send. And this technology gives you privacy!

Banking the un-banked

With MoneyByte it will be easy for the un-banked to enter the financial world.
MoneyByte will bank the un-banked with its 100% secure blockchain technology!
Be your own bank, with MoneyByte blockchain technology!


MoneyByte has got its own financial investment platform.
With our platform we have multiple financial options for all types of investors.
From stock market to crypto markets.
Investing was never this easy!

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