Our Team

MoneyByte has been and will continue to be developed by our team of blockchain specialists. Here you can also meet our marketing team who will help make MoneyByte known to the world.

Team Lead

Willem de Boer

Admin / co-owner

Willem is the co-owner of MoneyByte. Willem is 42 years old and lives in the Netherlands. Willem has over 20 years of experience working with Information Communication Technologies and more than 5 years of experience in the crypto world. Willem is at the head of MoneyByte with a goal to make MoneyByte the definitive digital money!

Pete Newland

Admin / co-owner

Pete is the other co-owner of MoneyByte. Pete comes with over 20 years of regulated financial services experience within the UK markets before moving into different roles. His MoneyBytes role includes building links with other currencies, platforms, designing and promoting a wide range of investment products for Moneybyte investors



Head development

Living in the USA, CircuitBreaker studied C++ development. He made many C++ contributions to quite a few repositories (500+ this year) and his development skills are top class. As the creator of the MoneyByte blockchain he will setup en lead a team of devs to continue the development of the moneybyte blockchain.

Majd Malki

Website & crossplatform developer

Majd (37 years) is an experienced IT worker from Sweden and active in the crypto world for almost 5 years now. In these years he has acquired a lot blockchain knowledge. He is going to use his acquired blockchain knowledge, together with his IT knowledge and experience, for the MoneyByte blockchain.


Crypto developer

Living in the USA, Dacapel has a lot of experience with C++ development. He also had done many C++ contributions to quite a few repositories and his crypto development skills are state of the art. Dacapel is giving his crypto development skills to MoneyByte to make MON something special.

Crypto engineers

Paul Neumayer

Blockchain tech

Paul lives in the USA in Pennsylvania. In his early days, Paul studied computer programming. He has experience from working as licensed investment broker specialized in IT companies and IPO's, but the past years he gathered a lot of knowledge in blockchain tech and is a excelent BOT-technician.

Emir Mujkic

Blockchain tech

Emir is an experienced Freelance Information Technology Consultant from Bosnië en Herzegovina. Emir is for 5 years "working" in the crypto bussiness. With his ICT background he has gathered a lot of blockchain knowledge and skills. He wants to use this to make MoneyByte the leading crypto.

Clay Herring

Blockchain tech

27, South Carolina, knows how pos works effectively. He developed for other PoS, like burst, gridcoin, steem etc. Clay wants to monetize assets. Having more than one kind of egg in your basket is not only smart but an effective way to produce profits, incase one falls short another may take the lead. With moneybyte that lead will be monsterous!

Marketing and community

Tammy Johns

Marketing Lead

Tammy Johns lives in the USA. Tammy has previous experiences working in marketing for different small businesses. She is currently in marketing at a floral company. She does advertisement,as well as selling products. Tammy is going to lead the MoneyByte marketing team. Her approach is to ensure that the MoneyByte marketing team will get worldwide fame for the MoneyByte blockchain.

Daniel Brancalion


Daniel lives in Australia. Whilst he has only recently joined the crypto community in last 6 months, the community has helped to broaden his understanding of crypto and make it more accessible. He has worked in the customer service industry for last 5 years assisting a variety of clients, from personal banking to maintaining social media accounts and resolving complaints. Outside of work he has a passion for graphic design and hopes to put those skills to use for the MoneyByte project.

Miguel Hernández


Miguel Hernández lives in Venezuela, at the age of 27 years. He is currently 5 years in the knowledge of cryptography. 7 years in the area of marketing, movement of confidential information worldwide; through social networks and other media. He inspires massive growth and support for Moneybyte investors.

Nate Layne


Nate lives in the US and has been involved in the crypto community for about a year. He has been working with Cell Phones and Cellular Technology for over 13 years. He studied network technology in collage and is a certified network technician.

Konstantinos Cocalis


Born in Greece & raised in the Boston area, Kosta has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2017 as a CPU, GPU, ASIC & FPGA miner. He has an engineering background and currently advertises and sells products to the marketplace. Kosta joins MoneyByte’s marketing team with 19 years of marketing experience. Many people simply don’t understand crypto. Education, direction and innovation will accelerate crypto adoption. His goal is to help the crypto community go mainstream with digital money as mass adoption becomes a reality. It’s time to embrace the blockchain and all it has to offer us.


Anatoly Greko

Marketing Strategy

Anatoly is a qualified communicator with 8 years experience in advertising, social media and customer relations. He has a MBA and gained relevant experience in fintech industry. He is going to give MoneyByte the best strategic planning for marketing activities. Feel secure with cryptopayments? His main goal is to make everyone saying: "Yes indeed with MoneyByte"

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