Our Team

MoneyByte has been and will continue to be developed by our team of blockchain specialists. Here you can also meet our marketing team who will help make MoneyByte known to the world.

Team Lead

Willem de Boer

𝓶™ Jimmy10

Willem is the co-owner of MoneyByte. Willem is 45 years old and lives in the Netherlands. Willem has over 20 years of experience working with Information Communication Technologies and more than 8 years of experience in the crypto world. Willem is at the head of MoneyByte with a goal to make MoneyByte THE digital investing tool!


Pete Newland

𝓶™ Hercy

Pete is the other co-founder of MoneyByte. Pete comes with over 20 years of regulated financial services experience within the UK markets before moving into different roles. He has over 8 year experience in the crypto world. His MoneyBytes role includes building links with other currencies. Designing and promoting a wide range of investment products for Moneybyte investors.




𝓶™ dacapel

David lives in Spain, David has a lot of experience with C++ development.
He also had done many C++ contributions to quite a few repositories and his crypto development skills are state of the art.
David is giving his crypto development skills to MoneyByte to make MON something special. Like our Explorer and latest wallet.


Paul Neumayer

𝓶™ ⛏Cryptominer⛏

Paul lives in the USA in Pennsylvania.
In his early days, Paul studied computer programming. He has experience from working as licensed investment broker specialized in IT companies and IPO's, but in the past years he gathered a lot of knowledge in blockchain tech, Website Design, and is a excelent BOT-technician.
He also has a small Mining Farm.



Crypto developer

We are looking for website backend developers, blockchain developers and phyton developers.

For work on our investing platform and for helping our Head Developer on working on our chain.

Do you want to join our team? Contact us!


Crypto engineers


𝓶™ Oicu8

Thomas lives in the USA. Thomas is of great help with masternodes, platform, mining pools, etc...

The Crypto skills of Thomas or of a wider field, and with these skills he is helping MoneyByte to grow and grow untill a professional player.

Daniel Brancalion

𝓶™ Sumajin

Daniel is born, raised and lives in Australia. He has been expanding his technical knowlegde of cryptocurrencies since early 2019. His technical experience includes 3D/Graphic Design, Animation and Website Design. And coding on websites and platforms. Using this experience and knowledge of various aspects of the crypto-economy Daniel intends to bring new experiences and incentives to the MoneyByte ecosystem and help new people onto it.


Jonathan Ingalls

𝓶™ sshadowfaxx

My name is Jonathan Ingalls. I have worked in retail and customer service for most of my life, but have recently switched to the electical industry. I am very outgoing person, and I am always interested in making new friends. I am sole founder of The LIT Collective, a crypto project centered around NFTs and the use of our ERC20 token LITonium (LIT). With my crypto knowledge I want to help MoneyByte grow  to a more professional project.


Kosta Cocalis

𝓶™ C8YA

Born in Greece & raised in the Boston area, Kosta has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2017 as a CPU, GPU, ASIC & FPGA miner. He has an engineering background and currently advertises and sells products to the marketplace. Kosta joins MoneyByte’s marketing team with 19 years of marketing experience. Many people simply don’t understand crypto. Education, direction and innovation will accelerate crypto adoption.

Marketing and community

Carlos Moreira

𝓶™ Cuicas

Born, raised and living in the United Kingdom, Carlos discovered the crypto world 4 years ago.

After a first voyage of discovery he discovered the MoneyByte project aprox 2.5 years ago and and immediately became enthusiastic, and now he is going to become part of the team.

Carlos enjoys interacting on social media and he is bi-lingual in english and portugues.

Tammy Johns


Tammy Johns lives in the USA. Tammy has previous experiences working in marketing for different small businesses. She is currently in marketing at a floral company. She does advertisement,as well as selling products. Tammy is going to lead the MoneyByte marketing team. Her approach is to ensure that the MoneyByte marketing team will get worldwide fame for the MoneyByte blockchain.


Miguel Hernández

𝓶™ ! El Pay!

Miguel Hernández lives in Venezuela, and his is 28 years old.

He has 8 years experience in the area of ​​marketing, movement of confidential information worldwide; through social networks and other media. 6 years ago he came into crypto and 1.5 years ago he joined MoneyByte.

He wants to inspire massive growth for MoneByte through the work he does for the project.


Anatoly Greko

𝓶™ Greko

Anatoly is a qualified communicator with 8 years experience in advertising, social media and customer relations. He has a MBA and gained relevant experience in fintech industry. He is going to give MoneyByte the best strategic planning for marketing activities. Feel secure with cryptopayments? His main goal is to make everyone saying: "Yes indeed with MoneyByte"


Join Our Team

The MoneyByte team is a close group of crypto enthusiasts. And we are looking for dedicated individuals to join our team. We need help on the technical part of our awesome team.

Do you have skills on coding websites, setting up masternodes, blockchain tech knowledge, etc...

If you believe this is you please contact one of the team members in discord, send us an email on the adres below here (envolop) or through our social media channels.

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