MoneyByte WhitePaper



● Name: MoneyByte
● Ticker: MON
● Type: PoS + Masternodes
● Algo: Neoscrypt
● Features: Instant Send, privacy and masternode support
● Coin Supply: 32.22 Million
● Reward Distribution: 30% POS - 70% MN
● Block Reward: 2.3 MON
● Block Time average: 90 seconds
● Masternode Collateral: 50000 MON
● Pre-mine 5 million, no ICO
● Premine: used for swapping BitcoinMonster into MoneyByte. BitcoinMonster supply during swap was 5 million, so all 5 million of pre-mine is used for the swap! All coins are distributed!


Where our normal money is struggling to stay healthy, cryptocurrency projects show that they are able to correct the errors and pitfalls of ordinary  money and to develop a healthy money system.

The new money system, also called digital money, has a healthy economy. The economy for digital currencies has grown exponentially in the past three years and Digital Currency (Cryptocurrencies) have emerged as the latest brave market in the trading world. This has led us to a modern way of investment with new, safe and transparent technology (Blockchain).

This technology (blockchain) also makes the digital money (currency) function. No more central parties needed for the money to function. Blockchain makes Digital money (cryptocurrencies) decentralised.

MoneyByte blockchain technology revolutionises this new era of digital money and digital investment by aligning economic incentives in a decentralised community!

What is MoneyByte
MoneyByte is Next Generation digital money backed with its own blockchain. The MoneyByte blockchain is a decentralised blockchain powered by Proof of Stake and Masternodes.

MoneyByte is co-owned by the 3 administrators: Willem de Boer (Holland), Paul Neumayer (USA) and Pete Newland (England). They are assisted by a team of professionals. Developers, technicals and marketing. You can meet the full team at

Our Vision and Mission
We see our current monetary system malfunctioning, hence why we believe in the alternative monetary system. The system of digital money, cryptocurrencies.

Our vision is that this new system, this digital money, will fill the gap that is created by the malfunctioning of the monetary system.

Our mission is to let MoneyBytes jump into that gap and our two main goals within this mission are:
1. To position MoneyByte as a widely available digital currency
2. Position MoneyByte as a digital investment vehicle.
3. To be known as a transparent and open crypto currency

MoneyByte Blockchain
In the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry we want to become one of the most important providers in order to ultimately achieve our main goals (digital payment and digital investing)!

Our blockchain technology allows our coin to be used as a very fast transaction and payments facilitator.

MoneyByte blockchain creates larger transaction capacity with a faster speed than other cryptocurrencies (for example Bitcoin or Litecoin).

Also our blockchain delivers much lower transaction fees.

Although the main goals of MoneyByte are payments and investings, our blockchain technology has the possibility for storing value. Store of value requires fungibility, security, privacy, efficiency, low inflation and decentralization. MoneyByte blockchain delivers those.

2023 Review.

BTC 1/1/2023 $16500 BTC 29/12/2023 $41800 (+152%)
MON 1/1/2023 $0.028 MON 29/12/2023 $0.060 (+121%)
MON 1/1/2023 153sats MON 29/112/2023 145sats (-5.2%)

The 2023 market cap ended around $438,114 (2022 $192,000) (coin gecko). This represented a 128% rise (coin gecko). This was helped by the rise in btc of 152%. The comparative value in BTC terms saw our market cap only rise (9.9btc to 10.3btc) 4%. This was disappointing as more higher value masternodes were added to the hedged pool but did not increase the demand for Moneybyte on the exchanges

MoneyByte decreased the number of hedged masternodes to 49 (53 in 2022) different coins by December 2023. 8 Project coins were delisted due to abandonment, coin switch to token and broken block chains. Additional nodes to existing hedge pools were added, including some high asset value coins attracted via the lending platform. This produced an income that fluctuated between $900-$2000 per month being distributed to MoneyByte investors on the 1st of each month. 1,499,217 MoneyByte remains deposited onto the platform (excluding loaned). As of 29/12/2023 the value of the nodes held on the platform was $143,263 against $114,895 of Moneybyte (including loaned coins).

MoneyByte continued to grow its POS service. For the annual subscription fee of 100 MON ($5) MoneyByte Investors can request any POS coin to be added to the staking platform and utilise any of the existing listed coins. This removes the need for them to keep open and monitor their wallets 24/7. The number of different coins available remained at 36. New members participating was very low during 2023.

MoneyByte collateral loan scheme continues to provide investors the opportunity to loan other masternode coins in return for borrowing MoneyByte to use on the hedged masternode platform. There are currently 436,717 MoneyByte on loan to the platform.

The Moneybyte master node count over the year increased from 58 to 65. Moneybyte staking rewards via POS equated to around 11% pa and Masternode rewards around 13.6%.

Financial Status report (ending 2023)

1,499,217 MON potential liability to be repaid to Hedge investors.
99,032 MON potential liability to be repaid to fixed interest investors
436,717 MON to be repaid back to MoneyByte Team funds. (loaned for lending platform)
Total 2,034,966 MON

2,000,000 (40 nodes) loaned from Platform Investors and mn rewards
1,000,000 held in cold wallets for platform transactions.
80,000 held in hot wallet staking to support the chain.
436,717 loaned to the collateral scheme.
Total 3,516717 MON

Team Assets - Liabilities 1,481,751 MON (2022 1,018,200 MON)

Estimated location of Moneybyte.
Masternodes (65) 3,250,000 MON
Staking (assuming 10% return) 1,500,000 MON
Moneybyte team cold wallet 1,000,000
MoneyByte platform staking 80,000 MON
Exchanges 70,000 MON

Total 5,900,000 MON

Moneybyte in free float 1,855,471 (25% of supply)

Estimated 2023 annual income stream to team funds 330,000 MON (from 40 nodes and staking). Similar to 2020, 2021 and 2022. This would equate to $20,073 p/a but market liquidity does not allow for this to be utilised for the expenses shortfall or purchase of other nodes and professional services.

Expenses of hosting nodes and server needs are currently being met by the 10% (circ. $200 per month) node fee deduction and existing team leaders personal resources.Monthly cost of servers, hosting and nodes equates to about $500 per month.

The MoneyByte project remains well funded and able to meet its platform liabilities. Running costs are at an acceptable level and are met. No further team Moneybyte masternodes are expected to be started as the ROI is at a sensible level of around 13.6%


2024 Objectives.

Continue to add to existing masternode collateral to existing nodes. The mix will range from speculate fledgling coins to established stable projects. Promote the Lending Platform so investors can lend other MN coins to MoneyByte and receive loaned MoneyByte for use on the hedge platform. The total loan can be seen on the website. Re-visit the “Hedge” offering and promote. Currently under utilised. The Staking service remains open for listing of new coins upon request.

Acquire the skills to revamp the front end UI to be more appealing and informative to current and prospective investors. (ongoing) Paul (Cryptominer) has spent an incredible amount of time creating individual portfolio pages for users. In addition to this we are now able to identify which pools investors participate in rather than having to go through 40 pages of data. Paul continues to work on this and has already provided the community with a sneak preview. With the listing on Stakecube came an additional explorer which contains a mass of information relating to our blockchain. (

This is one area we have lacked during 2023. We need Continue to build facebook, discord, telegram, wechat, instagram, twitter and look for new mediums.Currently we are focused on providing up to date information to our current community but need to expand this reach to new users. Any help the community could offer would be appreciated. Awareness of MoneyByte outside of our existing community has been limited and this requires more external focus. Current users are very committed to the platform and make frequent use of the switching facilities. By broadening our marketing horizons we aim to attract new attention to the project, its options and hopefully investment.

Whilst the MoneyByte wallet and chain may not be the most advanced, its features are stable and tried and tested. Users seek stability and functionality but we will continue to monitor blockchain, update, add and remove obsolete wallet features. Block times have settled still around the 120 second mark as required. We have received an offer to update the wallet for $2500. The team still discusses the advantage of having a new GUI wallet and if it is still worth the money.

Users continue to have had success with Prohash. We will look to produce a video to explain the procedure to utilise this function. Moneybyte continues to develop its mining pool but still seeks the coding for the auto exchange. New entrants into the crypto space may not want to initially deposit FIAT but mine to produce coins. MoneyByte with an ability to auto exchange into MON and provide a regular income stream of other coins could be an ideal entry point.

The NFT concept is currently on hold due to market conditions. Artwork has been

Exchanges and listings
January 2023 saw the successful listing on the Xeggex exchange with BTC and USDT pairs. A liquidity pool on Xeggex was established and provides a useful tool. April 2023 finally saw us qualify for a tracked CMC listing rather than the previous untracked. This then enabled Moneybyte to be listed on the Binance and Coinbase database. In May we were proud to be recognised by Stakecube. The Stakecube offering enabled us to have another avenue for hosting, exchange pairs of BTC, USDT and SCC, and a shared MN/POS offering. September saw the closure of the shared node and exchange facility on Ihost. This may return in 2024 according to the latest information released by Ihost.

If opportunities present themselves throughout the year look for btc and other pairings. Whilst the 2 main exchanges South X and Graviex are well used, others could be considered.

The Moneybyte platform as detailed above is financially solvent to a point where development could be advanced and become financially independent of requiring team subsidy. This could be new exchange listings and publishing pages, purchasing established nodes or hiring external coding professionals or adding liquidity to exchanges. The team is considering during 2024 offering up 50,000 MON for sale. This would be around double the market price in order it does not adversely affect the exchanges.

Strategic Partnerships.
MoneyByte has a good working relationship with many other projects. Self promotion through other coins and working with other projects within the crypto world can have advantages for both parties. We will continue to build bridges with other projects.

This document is currently considered a draft, and while we make every effort to ensure that any material herein is accurate and up to date, it may not be exhaustive. It contains forward-looking statements and is likely subject to further changes without notice.

MoneyByte is not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction, and you may not acquire any if that conflicts with any laws in the jurisdiction or you are subject. This document is not meant as investment advice, and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. If you are in doubt please ask a professional for legal advice.

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