MoneyByte BootStrap

Get the MoneyByte File

  • Remember: Always backup your wallet.dat and private key before making any changes.

    1. Download the  file MoneyByte BootStrap

    Important: ONLY download from a TRUSTED source!

    2. With the MoneyByte™ wallet closed, manually copy or move the unzipped bootstrap files you have just downloaded to the MoneyByte data folder.

    File Location: This PC > (C:) >Users>YourPC_UserNAME>AppData>Roaming>MoneyByte

    (OPTIONAL) Even though there is no need, you can delete all files, except the wallet.dat, Moneybyte.conf, Masternode.conf  files, for a clean update/installation. Or just create a new folder and copy all the MoneyByte™ folder content to it, in case you need the files again.

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