Investment Options

All investor have a different attitude to risk. Attitude to risk is subjective and is likely to be influenced by current events or recent experiences. When markets are rising we tend to feel comfortable with market risk, when they are falling we do not. Most people are not comfortable with the idea of losing money.

On the other hand we might regret it if we’ve been very cautious and our long term investments don’t produce the returns we need. You can keep risks in line with your risk appetite by spreading your money across a range of different investments.

MoneyByte provides a variety of investment vehicles to help overcome this.


Consider the fixed interest rate "Platform" with tierd rwards depending on investemnt amount or enable Proof-of-stake on your own personal Moneybyte wallet.


Consider one of Hedged Masternode Scheme. Use your MON to invest in a share of therewards of Moneybyte and other selected masternode coins. Rewards are dependent on MN performance and the number of MON invested.


Hedge and spreading offers the the holders of Moneybyte to gain or lose MON. Returns are variable and depend on how the major crypto currencies perform. Currently there are 6 large crypto curruncies to stake against.
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