BTC Spread Betting

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Explanation about BTC Spread Betting

Spread bets are complex instruments and come with a HIGH risk of losing money rapidly due to volatility. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets work and whether you can afford the high risk of losing your MoneyByte coins

For every dollar price movement between the opening and closing price you will gain or lose 1 (one) MON. The BTC/USD price will be the mid price as shown on the ADVFN charts. The timestamp will be on submission of this document. There is no minimum term but a maximum of one month

You can bet LONG or SHORT. Long bets are that the price will rise. Short bets are that the price will decrease. BTC/USD is a very volatile market that can see big swings up and down. This is HIGH risk. All entries will incur a 40 MON fee deducted from the initial deposit. The maximum you can gain is the size of your deposit minus the 40 MON fee. The maximum loss is your deposit and 40 MON fee

You bet will automatically CLOSE in three scenarios. The first is if the bet doesn't go your way and your deposit funds are exhausted. The second is if the bet goes your way and reaches the maximum payout of your deposited amount(Minus the original 40 MON fee) Third, is if the month timescale elapses. Any credit balance will be paid within 24 hours

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