Meet & Greet

G’day MoneyByte community,

We hope you all are doing well. The current corona crisis hits us all in general life. Most of us are in lockdown at home. These are very strange and hard times for all of us. Lets keep safe all.

For the work on MoneyByte the corona crisis did not affect us much. One of our developers had some personal illness in family, causing him to be absence for awhile, but that did not affect development very much, for other developers could continue work. In fact the development team is reaching an end on the development of a new wallet and chain update (non-mandotory). We hope to release this update in the coming weeks!

All other team members are safe and working everyday on MoneyByte products. We have a team voice chat on a very regular base, so the team is in very close contact with eachother to continue work on our project. All with the goal to make MoneyByte big!

Tomorrow the team will have a LIVE voice chat meet and greet session with the community, on our discord. You can ask all your questions, we will answer them on voice LIVE (you do not have to talk if you do not want. You can also TYPE your questions, or just listen to our LIVE VOICE talking about MoneyByte!

Hope to see some of you tomorrow around on our discord server!

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