MoneyByte news

It’s been 2 weeks since we released the MoneyByte wallet to public, and we can say that our blockchain is running smoothly with all the new users who entered the network!

The past 2 weeks we have not been idle, we continued our work on MoneyByte and thus we have some MoneyByte news from the team for you!

When we started we could be traded on 5 exchanges. Since that time we contacted several exchanges and we are pleased to announce that we are listed on 2 new exchanges. So the total exchanges we are traded on are now 7!

The 2 new exchanges we were listed on are NLexch and ZEON Exchange.

All the pairs on all the exchanges  we are being traded on, you can find beneath this message!

As said, we are not inactive, be we keep continue to develop, also on our investement tools. We can introduce you our newest investment tool. The DENARIUS hedged masternode pool! You can find more info about it here:

MON / Denarius Masternode Pool

On our discord server we have some nice feature, THE PANDA BOT.
You can play games with it, earn free MON and exchange your MON on it. The bot was still on BitcoinMonster chain, but now have been fully swapped to MoneyByte. All your coins on the PANDA BOT are now MoneyByte coins!
So, play your MON panda games, earn some free MON or trade on the panda escrow. You even can STAKE your MON coins using this MON PANDA BOT.
You can find the bot in our DISCORD server!

The SWAP from BitcoinMonster to MoneyByte goes energetically. At this moment more then 1.5 million coins are being swapped. Please remind that you can swap your BitcoinMonster coin (1:1) to MoneyByte coins UNTILL DECEMBER 31ST

!!! We want to URGELY remind everyone that BitcoinMonster coins CAN NOT BE SEND to a MoneyByte wallet, and vice versa !!!

If you have BitcoinMonster coins, you can SWAP those coins to MoneyByte coins through this form -> NOT try to send BitcoinMonster coins to a MoneyByte wallet!!!

As said, MoneyByte now can be traded on 7 exchanges, with several pair. Beneath here you can find all the pairs MoneyByte is being traded with:






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