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Hello MoneyByte community,

First of all we want to wish everyone a happy and healthy easter

Seconly: It is time for MoneyByte news from the team!

Willem de Boer: “Since our last newsflash on january 30th, 2020 the MoneyByte Blockchain Team has done an awesome lot of work. Development and tech department has done some awesome jobs and marketing had done some good jobs too. Our team has not been idle. To get a good view inside the team, I asked from some parts of the team someone to explain what is done and accomplished.”

Tammy Johns: “The past months we achieved to be listed on several crypto statistic websites. Although we think CoinGecko en CoinPaprika are awesome platforms, we are pleased to have a pre-listing on CoinMarketCap. But to get a full listing we need to have a daily trading volume of more then 5000 dollar. Also the marketing team made some nice smooth new marketing video’s, we want to try to gain more awareness through this video’s. We have done some more marketing through Discord the past weeks, the coming period we strive to do more on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But our main purpose is to reach out to the crypto community first. ”

Willem de Boer: “The development on our, non-mandatory, update for the chain/wallet is still in an on going proces. On the developments gitkraken account the work is done. Meanwhile the development team also started work on a mandotory update. CircuitBreaker and Dacapel are working hard on this update. They hope to get this update ready later on this year. We don’t want to rush this work, we prefer to do it well rather than quickly. But we will keep you all updated on the progress ofcourse.

Paul Neumayer: “We have done much work on our investing platform. We we have developed several new products and implemented them into out investing platform. Most eye-catching new products are the PoW mining investing products. You can find them at ->

We also renewed the sheets on all the hedging pools. So people can find info easier.

Pete Newland: “We have experienced tremendous growth on our investment platform ( and that caused a growth in MON’s BTC price the past months. We grew from just 300 sats to over 500 sats. GravieX is the exchange with the most trading volume. SouthXchange, NLexch en follow with a respectable distance.
We also were listed on a new, fresh, upcoming, smooth and promising Crypto Exchange AEX (Asymetrex). Try it out here ->

The past months we grew from 12 hedged pools to 14 hedged pool. The MoneyByte pool itself grew with a addition of the 4th Moneybyte masternode to keep the returns high. With more then 150,000 MON invested and receiving rewards the investing platform is still attractive to all kind of investors.

We are happy to consider other projects on the basis of stability, development and community activity. Some Moneybyte spread betters have seen good rewards as BTC trends upwards. Some even doubling there MON within a couple of days. Moneybyte where necessary will take out spread betting contracts to protect the project against large losses.

Moneybyte members are reminded not to keep too much in their Panda wallets and minimal amounts on the exchanges. Please remember MON kept on the exchanges do not earn POS rewards for you and are likely to be being staked by the exchanges themselves.”

Pete/Willem : “As you can see, the team had done some good jobs the past month. Every Sunday the team has consultations via voice chat, we discus new ideas and talk about the current products we serve, to improve them. After our team meeting we directly have a LIVE voice “meet the team” session on discord. Whoever wants can ask any question about MoneyBte and we will answer the question live. Questions also can be asked through text! The LIVE “meet the team” sessions are every sunday on 21.00 GMT
The atmosphere in the team is good, and we think that this reflects well on our work. If you have ideas for our team or maybe some positive critics, you are welcom to contact us. Mostly team is active on discord”

Pete Newland: “As said, the MoneyByte price market is going superb. Especially because of the growth of the investing platform. Since januari 2020 we jumped from an average price of 300 sats to an average price of 500 sats by the end of march. We expect to see price fall a bit the coming 2 months. Bitcoin dollar price will rise, causing people to buy more BTC and sell more altcoins. Also with the coming halving of Bitcoin we expect people to gather their BTC. We expect the MoneyByte BTC price will drop a bit because of this events. But after these events we think altcoins like MoneyByte will attrack new BTC again , causing a price rise. So our advise is not to sell you MON to low, there are several big investors waiting for a bit lowe price to to collect a lot of MON. Do not give your MON away, be wise!

Although the main goal of the MoneyByte team is not the trading marked, it still is important to have a good trading market to keep the project healthy! So we need a good healthy trading volume from at least 1000$ each day. In december we had a good average, almost 1000$ each day, 2020 tempered this and now we have an average daily trading volume between 100$-200$.

We want to improve this by reaching out with our marketing to crypto communities more and more. We hope that due to our hard work, the trading volume will rise again the coming months! The exchanges we are listed on (7 at the time of writing) should be enough to create this volume, hence why a new exchange listing is not our top priority. But as said by Tammy from Marketing we still are working on getting listed on more exchanges, although not top priority.”

Pete/Willem: “So far our monthly team news, If you want information about MoneyByte , please try our website:”

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