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It is time for some MoneyByte news from the team!

Our latest newsflash was almost a month ago and the past month the MoneyByte Blockchain Team has done a lot of work. Again there was a lot of communication work with various platforms. Every day we gained more awareness with getting listed on various platforms.

In addition to all this communication work, the financial and tech part of the team also has been busy with the development of our investment tools. Regarding this, earlier this week we have introduced you to our newest Hedged Masternode!

The ZEL hedged masternode pool! You can find more info about it HERE

The developers from the MoneyByte Blockchain Team started developing on a new, smooth, cool and awesome investment platform. With all kind of cool investment tools (also with connections between the crypto world and the “real” world). We aim to start testing with this platform in the first quarter of 2020. The first pilot opening for public is planned in the second quarter of 2020. But during this development we will keep you informed about the progress in our news flashes!

This past month our chain developers did some work on the MoneyByte Blockchain. The chain development team released a new wallet update (NON mandatory!). MoneyByte wallet version
In this new update the development team did a IPv6 Seed Update to fix the IPv6 problems. The update was non-mandatory. But this new wallet is recommended for faster connection! This new wallet can be found HERE

Also our chain developers worked on our MAC wallet this past month. And with great pleasure we could announce the release of the MoneyByte MAC wallet.
You can download our MAC wallet HERE

So our developers keep developing for our chain, but they needed some extra hands on it! And and that is why we made a call for developers to join our team. And that call has had an effect. At the moment we are talking with several c++ developers who are positive in joining the MoneyByte development team. We hope to announce more about this in our next news flash!

We want to try to extend the marketing part of the team. We allready have a really awesome enthusiastic group of people in the marketing section of the team, but with the coming of Q1 2020 we want to try to extend the marketing team with some extra people.

Do you have marketing skills and do you want to join our team?

Please reach out to us. Through mail: or through discord

Although the main goal of the MoneyByte team is not the trading marked, it still is important to have a good trading market to keep the project healthy!
This past month the MoneyByte trade market again evolved very well. Our daily trading volume again has grown and the price of MoneyByte has also grown. This month we almost reached the 250 sats!

Besides all the development on chain, investment tools, etc… We also have our work on the ongoing swap from BitcoinMonster to MoneyByte.

This SWAP from BitcoinMonster to MoneyByte goes energetically. At this moment aprox 4 million coins are swapped. Please remind that you can swap your BitcoinMonster coin (1:1) to MoneyByte coins UNTILL DECEMBER 31ST

!!! We want to URGELY remind everyone that BitcoinMonster coins CAN NOT BE SEND to a MoneyByte wallet, and vice versa !!!

If you have BitcoinMonster coins, you can SWAP those coins to MoneyByte coins through this -> FORM
DO NOT try to send BitcoinMonster coins to a MoneyByte wallet!!!

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