Official MoneyByte Release

The BitcoinMonster project was started at the beginning of 2018. Monsterize Your Asset was the main idea. And a start was made on building a POW + MN blockchain.

This BitcoinMonster Blockchain was launched on March 21, 2018

By the end of 2018, the BitcoinMonster team was so exhausted that developments were at a very low pace. It was at that very moment that 2 team members who were there from the start decided to take over the project AND to restore the goal that was already there from the beginning (making a professional coin and a future oriented blockchain).

Willem de Boer and Pete Newland became the BitcoinMonster admins. They decided to first put the current project back on the map. The first 3 months of 2019 were fully utilized to complete all developer tasks from the end of 2018.

After completing all the developer tasks that still needed to be done, Hercy and Jimmy started thinking about the future. A professional coin means that perhaps a rebrand must come. And the question needed to be asked: “Is our current blockchain still focused on the future?”

After much consideration and consultation, the MoneyByte idea was born. Bitcoin Monster needed to transform into MoneyByte!

The first thing Hercy and Jimmy did was build a team. And while this was being done, work started on putting ideas on paper and developing some of them. The whole rebrand was completed before the start of the second quarter of 2019. And by then we could really work on the technical aspects. We started the coding on a complete new blockchain and all other technical aspects.

At the beginning of the summer we were completely ready and the testing could begin. Our team started testing the MoneyByte blockchain. And after weeks of testing, the team decided that the new blockchain was ready. We could start with the preparations to launch the blockchain.

For the past 3 weeks we have worked hard as a team on all preparations to launch our blockchain to the public. Of course, the blockchain itself started a little earlier, to ensure that with the public release, the chain would be strong enough. We are now already more than 25 thousand blocks on the road with our MoneyByte blockchain!

And so, here is our MoneyByte blockchain. The source code ->

And thus, everyone can now download the MoneyByte Wallets. You can download your favourite wallet over here:

MAC WALLET & LINUX WALLET will be available ASAP today (just finishing them today!)


If you need help with installing the wallet, the team is available for you on our discord server!

You can follow the MON through our blockexplorer on:

The new wallets are now known to you. We will distribute our wallets through all our social channels today. Also via our new website.
Yes indeed, a new website. And our new website is released today also. You can find our new website over here ->

As said, for the past 3 weeks we have worked hard as a team on all preparations to launch our blockchain to the public (Meet our team here -> <>), this also includes making the exchanges ready for MoneyByte. We have swapped the old chain to the new chain on almost ALL exchanges we were on. And we’ve managed to get on some new ones!

With this public release of MoneyByte Blockchain, we are proud to announce you that MoneyByte can be traded on 5 EXCHANGES :
Exchange 1 :
Exchange 2 :
Exchange 3 :
Exchange 4 :
Exchange 5 :

Above here we have linked you the MON-BTC pairs , but on TradeCX and UnnamedExchange we can be traded with some more pair, like DOGE / LTC / ETH and so on…

We want to point out to everyone that SOUTHXCHANGE does NOT trade MoneyByte!!! On SouthXchange you can Buy&Sell BitcoinMonster untill the end of the year! MoneyByte is traded on the exchanges mentioned above!

The first steps with MoneyByte are taken. We will now walk further, to further develop Moneybyte and to discover and implement new and better techniques. Our blockchain is now focused on the future, and we will continue to build on MoneyByte with the team.

To conclude this announcement, here are our official MoneyByte links:
Website :
Source code :
Wallets :
Explorer :
Ann :
WebWallet :
Discord :
Telegram :
Twitter :
Instagram :
Facebook :
YouTube :
Coingecko :>
Exchange 1 :
Exchange 2 :
Exchange 3 :
Exchange 4 :
Exchange 5 :

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