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What is MoneyByte
MoneyByte is NextGen digital money, a digital currency that enables anyone, anywhere in the world to make quick, easy and cheap payments at any time without going through a central authority. Backed with its own blockchain which is secured by strong cryptography. The MoneyByte blockchain is a decentralized blockchain powered by Proof of Stake and Masternodes. MoneyByte is co-owned by the 2 administors: Willem de Boer (Holland) and Pete Newland (England). They are assisted by a team of professionals. Developers, technicals and marketing. You can meet the full team at
Who invented MoneyByte?
Based on the Bitcoin project, MoneyByte was first launched on October 1, 2019 by a group of crypto professionals. The actual blockchain is founded by a developer called TechniumUnlimited (from the Ignition Coin Project). The name MoneyByte was chosen by a group of 8 crypto professionals on May 10, 2019. The group had 2 "leaders" (co-owners of the github source) and those were Willem de Boer (Admin, Netherlands) and Pete Newland (Financial expert, Engeland). The head developer at the start of The MoneyByte Blockchain project was a developer called CircuitBreaker. On this moment (2020) he still is the head developer of the MoneyByte Blockchain project. The graphics founder was Majd Malki from Sweden.
Who controls MoneyByte?
MoneyByte is an open protocol not under the control of any single entity. Anyone can write software to transact on the Dash network without requiring the permission of a central authority. Other than the minimal fees required to prevent spam attacks, there are no barriers to using MoneyByte. There is a team who is available to maintain the network and give it updates every now and then, but this team works entirely voluntarily and has no authority over anyone.
How does MoneyByte have value?
Like any currency, MoneyByte has value because people find it useful, and as a result are willing to spend it or receive it in return for goods and services. Also MoneyByte has value because the bought MON coins can be used on the investment tools on our investment platform.
What is a blockchain?
A blockchain is a public ledger of all transactions ever processed using MoneyByte. Each transaction is verified with a unique signature that can only be created by the true sender, which also serves to ensure that it is not possible to fraudulently spend the same balance twice. Transactions are written to blocks, which are produced and secured every 2.5 minutes by advanced cryptographic algorithms in a process known as mining.
What are masternodes?
Masternodes were invented by the DASH project. For the MoneyByte project the masternode are a unique feature of the MoneyByte network, and form a second layer used to ensure the blockchain is readily available to all network participants. Masternodes also perform a number of other functions related to the health and efficiency of the network, such as governance, securely storing user data, processing transactions for light wallets and facilitating instant and private transactions.
How can I use the investment tools?
First you to have MoneyByte coins, $MON When you have $MON than you can use those MON in a investment scheme of your choice. At the moment you can find al the investment schemen through the menu of our website (Go to INVESTING over there)
How can I get MoneyByte coins?
You can buy MoneyByte coins at 9 exchanges.

These 9 exchanges are:
Bastion Exchange
ZEON Exchange
iHost Buy&Sell

If you do not want to buy coins at an exchange, you can also invest right at us. Please fill in this form to get in contact with us Get MoneyByte
What happens if a scheme I invested in, is abandoned?
Your percentage share is calculated in MoneyByte and paid in Moneybyte. At anytime you can request the withdraw of your MoneyByte no mater what happens to the project it is linked to. MoneyByte owns the masternode and retains all risk associated with the project invested in.
MoneyByte first had another name?
The BitcoinMonster project started at the beginning of 2018. "Monsterize Your Asset" was the main theme and a start was made on building a POW + MN blockchain.

This BitcoinMonster Blockchain was launched on March 21, 2018

By the end of 2018, the BitcoinMonster team was so exhausted that developments were at a very low pace. It was at that very moment that 2 team members who were there from the start decided to take over the project AND to restore the goal that was already there from the beginning (making a professional coin and a future oriented blockchain).

Willem de Boer and Pete Newland became the BitcoinMonster admins. They decided to first put the current project back on the map. The first 3 months of 2019 were fully utilized to complete all developer tasks from the end of 2018.

After completing all the developer tasks that still needed to be done, Pete and Willem started thinking about the future. A professional coin means that perhaps a rebrand must come and the question had to be asked: "Is our current blockchain still focused on the future?"

After much consideration and consultation, the MoneyByte idea was born. Bitcoin Monster needed to transform into MoneyByte!

The first thing Petey and Willemy did was build a team. And while this was being done, work started on putting ideas on paper and developing some of them. The whole rebrand was completed before the start of the second quarter of 2019 and by then we could really work on the technical aspects. We started the coding on a complete new blockchain and all other technical aspects.

At the beginning of the summer we were completely ready and the testing could begin. Our team started testing the MoneyByte blockchain. After weeks of testing, the team decided that the new blockchain was ready. We could start with the preparations to launch the blockchain.

On October 1st, 2019 the MoneyByte blockchain was launched publicly!
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