SWAP progress

As you know, we transformed from BitcoinMonster to MoneyByte. Not only our name, logo, website, etc.. changed. But also our blockchain changed.

Where our old blockchain was based on Proof of Work (with Masternodes), our new blockchain is based on Proof of Stake (with masternodes).

The Proof of Work blockchain consumes a lot energy, and therefore is very costly!
But besides costly, it is also “eating” our energy sources.
We believe our move from PoW to PoS (Proof of Stake) is making our blockchain less costly and safe energy!

Because we now have a complete NEW blockchain, the coins from the old blockchain needs to be “swapped” to the new blockchain. We decided to do this the “old fashioned way”.
To learn more about the swap (howto) , please visit : https://www.moneybyte.org/swap

All BitcoinMonster coins who are swapped to MoneyByte coins are hold on this address: https://xmon.blockxplorer.info/address/MLN7GgJfmYWjnFk82NWJ3fdkv5UDyAvBqe , here you can track the swap ongoing!

At the time of writing almost 1.7 million coins were allready swapped!

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