Team News januari 2020

Hello MoneyByte community,

It is time for the monthly MoneyByte news from the team!

Willem de Boer: “Since our last newsflash end december 2019 the MoneyByte Blockchain Team has done a lot of work. Development is done, marketing had done some good jobs and our investing tools has been extended. To get a good view inside the team, I asked from every part of the team someone to explain what is done and accomplished.”



Tammy Johns (Head Marketing)
: “The marketing team made some nice smooth new marketing video’s, we want to try to gain more awareness through this video’s.

We worked on getting listed on several platforms. For example, we achieved on getting on flits masternode and zcore node system. Also we tried to communicate with blocknet for listing. We have communicated with zelcore about listing on zelcore wallet. Also we have communicated with several crypto exchanges for possible listings. We hope to get some results in Q1 2020, which is what we strive for. We also been working on wechat and instagram, to get those media work and gain awareness through them. On twitter we our doing daily tweets to gain awareness and of course we are active on our Facebook, almost daily. And we are working to get us on

We also have news about expanding the marketing team. Daniel Brancalion joined the marketing team. On our website you can find more info about him:



Willem de Boer: “Our development team is working on a new, non-mandatory, update for the chain/wallet. CircuitBreaker (Head development) and Dacapel (chain developer) are working hard on this update. They hope to get this update ready at the start of februari 2020. Also the development team started working on a MANDATORY update, which will be launched somewhere in Q2 of 2020. The next team news update CircuitBreaker will share some technical changes which will occur in these updates. For the non-mandatory one we mainly focus on the mn collateral lock (auto lock), the blockchain blocks directory (possible to change that) and the auto refresh of MN status in the wallet. The technical changes for the MANDATORY will be explained in the next team news update.”

Majd Malki (Website & crossplatform developer): “Because our investment tools are growing fast we decided to create a separate site for them.

All investing tools have moved to and all URL’s are redirected to their new address, affected pages:

  • Investing
  • Fixed Interest Platform
  • MoneyByte Hedge
  • BTC Spread Betting
  • MoneyByte Masternodes
  • Hedged Masternodes

Also we decided it was best to move the Support to the new site as most support tickets are for investment tools. So the ability to login on main site is no longer needed and was removed.”




Emir Mujkic (blockchain technician): “I have installed a new explorer. The old one had too much pitfalls and errors. The new explorer works smoother and has got some adjustments like links to our social media accounts, new COIN INFO tab, improved masternode tab etc…”

Paul Neumayer (Bot technician): “I have worked on the bots on our discord. Smoothened some up, mostly because of some errors that occurred. Also troubleshooted a lot of problems with discord bot attacks and security problems.”



Pete Newland
: “The investment platform continues to grow with new hedged nodes continually being added. Within the 12 existing nodes there is a mix of purchased and sponsored nodes in operation. The addition of the 3rd Moneybyte masternode has kept the returns high. With around 116,000 MON invested and receiving rewards on the equivalent of 150,000 MON it provides good leverage.

We are happy to consider other projects on the basis of stability, development and community activity.

Some Moneybyte spread betters have seen good rewards as BTC trends upwards. Some even doubling there MON within a couple of days. Moneybyte where necessary will take out spread betting contracts to protect the project against large losses.

Moneybyte staking wallet weights seems stable around 1 million MON and 2.75 million locked in masternodes.

Moneybyte members are reminded not to keep too much in their Panda wallets and minimal amounts on the exchanges. Please remember MON kept on the exchanges do not earn POS rewards for you and are likely to be being staked by the exchanges themselves.”

The MoneyByte market is going well. Since october 2019 we jumped from an average price of 80 sats to an average price of 280 sats by the end of december. The start of 2020 tempered the price a bit and made it stabilize at an average price of 250 sats.

Although the main goal of the MoneyByte team is not the trading marked, it still is important to have a good trading market to keep the project healthy! So we need a good healthy trading volume from at least 1000$ each day. In december we had a good average, almost 1000$ each day, 2020 also tempered this and now we have an average daily trading volume between 100$-500$

We hope that due to our hard work, this will rise again the coming months! The exchanges we are listed on (7 at the time of writing) should be enough to create this volume, hence why a new exchange listing is not our top priority. But as said by Tammy from Marketing we still are working on getting listed on more exchanges, although not top priority.


Willem de Boer: “As you can see, the team had done some good jobs the past month. From development to marketing, everyone had done something! The atmosphere in the team is good, and we think that this reflects well on our work. Please check out our new investment website: and if you need some guidance where to buy MoneyByte coins, please check this video:

Next MoneyByte team news will be on februari 28th 2020. But you can meet the team in between on our favorite communication channel, DISCORD.

On discord we also have a weekly LIVE AMA session. You can ask/type questions and the team will answer the questions LIVE through voice! Each sunday around 20.00 GMT, the exact time of the start of an AMA sessions will be announced on the day of the session.

So far our monthly team news, If you want information about MoneyByte , please try our website:


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