Team Voice Chat Meeting

Dear MoneyByte Community,

Every sunday night we have our weekly MEET THE TEAM VOICE CHAT session on our discord server.

Join our discord server ( and tune in to the voice channel at the following times

CEST = 21.00
GMT = 19.00
LONDON = 20.00
PARIS = 21.00
NEW YORK = 15.00
MOSKOU = 22.00
PEKING = 03.00
TOKIO = 04.00
SYDNEY = 05.00

When you are tuned in, you can listen to our team talking about the new things we have done the past week and the plans for the coming week. After the small talk from the team, it is time for questions. Everyone is able to ask questions, you can type your question during the VOICE SESSION in a special room which is above the VOICE channel. Once you typed your question, one of the team member will answer LIVE on VOICE

If you want to speak your question, no problem. Just “raise your hand” in the text channel and we will give your time to ask your question through voice. After which the team will answer.

When you enter the VOICE CHANNEL , please disable your MIC so you do not interupt the team talking.

We hope to see you all today, see the starting times as stated above here.

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